Welcome to Marina Fox in Giethoorn.
The marina is very conveniently located on the canal in Steenwijk Beukers-Giethoorn (standing mast route from north to Friesland Overijssel) and has always a space for passers, who want to enjoy the season
the beautiful wetland Overijssel.

The city center is 5 minutes walk from the harbor. You can also rent one off our bikes.

With a draft of 1.70 meters, this is one off the deepest port of Giethoorn.
You only have 10 minutes to sail to the Beulakerweide (largest lake in NW Overijssel).
This provides a passage to the Giethoornse Lake and there you can get to Blokzijl (Zuiderzee town) or through the Weerribben to Ossenzijl.

Now also possible to stay overnight in the winter

After a recent renovation of the marina’s bathrooms it is now possible to stay overnight at the marina in the winter.